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Is Pink Marketing making you feel pinked out, pinked off and pinked all over? Every October for the past several years, pink has been celebrated.  It started with pink ribbons and quickly turned to pink coffee pots, pink can openers and even pink screw drivers. Almost everything else that can be marketed is showing up in pink. Now anti-pink organizations have risen up with pink sleuths trying to out companies that are using Pink Marketing for self gain.

The concept is brilliant; pink stuff for breast cancer awareness. The whole month highlights the need for breast cancer screening and provides tributes to those who have survived the disease. In the process, companies turn to Pink Marketing to promote their usual products in new pink packages promising to donate some of the sale to a breast cancer cause. So what’s wrong with that? In my honest, humble opinion – NOTHING! Leave the pink stuff alone.

This is a united effort. Women who are the main victims of the disease feel the warmth and support from companies and industries they never knew even thought of them. Who ever dreamed the NFL would promote players in pink gloves? The effect is a vibrant pink month dedicated to woman’s health, and still there are those who want to find the negatives. Yes, companies that promote pink packaging are doing so to sell more products, but, the intent of the consumer is most likely pure- they want to support the pink cause. That is what counts isn’t it?

Pink is most likely one of the most successful marketing tools ever besides green (eco-friendly) of course. It is a noble cause and it helps woman. So what if these companies make a little money from it. The bottom line is that maybe if we all get sick of seeing pink something really will get done to make sure we find a way to end breast cancer. We need to be united, motivated and making strides against this disease.

One in Eight women is still diagnosed with breast cancer each year. We lose more than 40,000 women annually to the disease. It affects our families, our economy and our welfare. Isn’t it time we all took up the pink flag to fight breast cancer? Once again I urge you to let congress know this is a fight we want Washington to take on too. Send your bra to Washington – just write “find a cure” on your bra and send it to your house representative and senator. Let your representatives know it is time we all unite for this fight.

Survive and Shine

Kathy-Ellen RN

Last Updated:10/17/2013
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Pink Marketing should be Celebrated
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Watch Pink Marketing should be Celebrated video

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