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Brand name versions of ibuprofen include Advil and Motrin.
The average cost of 800 mg of ibuprofen varies between and for 90 tablets, depending on where you buy it and what your insurance coverage is.
An 800 mg pill of ibuprofen costs between $.08 cents and $.22 cents per tablet, depending on your insurance and where you buy it.
A 473 milliliter (ml) bottle of 100 mg/5 ml of ibuprofen oral suspension costs between and , depending on your insurance coverage and the pharmacy that fills the prescription.
The average retail price of ibuprofen is around for 90 800 mg tablets, depending on the store you purchase it from.
You can buy ibuprofen over the counter in 200 mg tablets or capsules, but if your doctor wants you to take a higher dose, you need a doctor’s prescription.
Your doctor can prescribe ibuprofen based on your condition or the pain you are experiencing.
You can get ibuprofen without a prescription at any pharmacy if the dose is 200 mg or less. However, if it’s a stronger dose, you’ll need a doctor’s prescription.
You can buy ibuprofen over the counter without a prescription at any pharmacy if the dose is 200 mg or less. However, if it’s a stronger dose, under federal law, a doctor must write a prescription for you.
Medicare and most insurance companies cover prescription ibuprofen. However, check with your plan for exact details on coverage.
The amount that your insurance covers will depend on your plan. Coverage varies from plan to plan. Prices can differ depending on the strength, dose, and pharmacy where you get the prescription filled.
The average retail price of 800 mg of ibuprofen is around for 90 tablets, depending on the pharmacy where you purchase it.
People with a low income or who are uninsured or underinsured may qualify for free or discounted medicines that are offered by pharmaceutical companies. These programs are called patient assistance programs, and each program sets its own eligibility requirements for who qualifies to receive discounted or free medications. Also, large chain stores across the United States offer prescription drugs for free or at a low cost. For instance, Walmart sells select prescriptions, including ibuprofen, for a flat rate of .
Besides the brands Motrin and Advil, there are other NSAIDs that can be used to help with pain, such as Bayer (aspirin), Aleve (naproxen), Cambia (diclofenac), etodolac, Indocin and Tivorbex (indomethacin), Celebrex (celecoxib), and others. Additionally, your doctor may recommend something else depending on your condition. For instance, for joint or muscle pain, they may suggest heat or cold, physical therapy, exercise, or weight loss. If you have arthritis, your doctor may recommend Tylenol (acetaminophen) or other alternatives. Talk with your doctor about your best options.
Ibuprofen is the generic for Advil and Motrin.
Buying any medication online is dangerous, especially when you consider that the Federal Drug Administration reports that only 3 percent of online pharmacies are legal. If that isn’t enough warning, consider this: After reviewing almost 11,500 internet sites that sell prescription medications, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy found that 96 percent of them are not compliant with U.S. pharmacy laws and practice standards.
You may be able to find ibuprofen online, but it’s best to only get over-the-counter or prescription-strength doses from a reputable pharmacy. The World Health Organization reports that half of medicines sold online are counterfeit, which means if you buy drugs online, you could be taking medicine that is made of hazardous ingredients. And not only could the drug be harmful, it also may not treat what you intend it to.
You can buy over-the-counter ibuprofen without a prescription at any pharmacy if the dose is 200 mg. However, if it’s a stronger dose, under federal law, a doctor must write a prescription for you.
It’s hard to say whether the cost of ibuprofen will come down. Because it’s a generic, it is less expensive than its brand name versions. However, the number of brand name drugs available does increase over time, but as this happens, the generic will remain a lower cost in comparison.
One factor that determines the price of generic drugs is how much it costs to make the drugs. Another reason that some experts believe drives up the cost of generic drugs is that, due to mergers and acquisitions, there are not enough competitors making generics. When there is not enough competition in the market, manufacturers don’t have an incentive to lower their generic drug prices.

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