Hair Tutorial: How to Wrap Medium Length Hair

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How to Wrap Hair

Two Parts:

Wrapping your hair is a great way to keep it sleek and straight. Using an overnight head wrap or head scarf will give your hair a great look in the morning. It will protect your hair from bending, frizzing, and fraying while your sleep. It only takes a few moments to do and will produce ready-to-go hair in the morning.


Preparing Your Hair

  1. Part your hair.Use a comb to part your hair from the crown of your head to the top of your neck. The crown begins at the upper back of your skull where your head begins to curve downward. Start here and make a straight part down to your neck to split your hair into two parts.
    • Have a friend help or place two mirrors facing each other so that you can see what you’re doing behind your head.
  2. Pin up the left side.Take the brush in your left hand. Place the outer edge of it along your part and on the left half of your hair. Brush the hair toward your left temple, keeping it smooth alongside your hair line. Slide a bobby pin an inch left of the nape of your neck and then again right above your ear. Continue placing bobby pins every 2 inches from here.
    • Incorporate the ends into the right hair section if you have long hair.
    • If you have curly hair, use your hands instead of a brush to prevent extra frizz.
  3. Pin up the right side.Take the brush in your right hand and place the outer side of it on your part with the brush over the right side of your hair. Brush up from here towards the temple gently. Be careful and try not to brush over the bobby pins. Once again, place a bobby pin 2 inches from the nape, again just above your ear, and every 2 inches from there to the ends.

Wrapping your Head Wrap

  1. Fold your scarf.Take your head wrap or head scarf and open it completely on a flat surface. Pick up any corner and bring it to the opposite corner, folding it perfectly in half. This will create a triangular shape.
  2. Lay the folded edge along your hairline.Grab the two corners of your triangle that have created your fold. Taking one in each hand, lift the folded end of your scarf to your forehead and slide it back to your hairline. Lay the rest of the triangle back over your head.
  3. Tie off your head wrap.Bring the corners of your scarf triangle back to the nape of your neck. Knot these ends over the loose point of your triangle.
    • If long enough, take the ends and wrap them back up to your front hairline. Knot them here again.
  4. Tuck stray hairs and secure wrap.If you have any stray hairs, tuck them into your wrap. If you don’t feel that your wrap is secure, bobby pin it in place. Sleep with your hair wrapped and wake to it frizz, tangle, and break free. Simply remove the wrap, take out the pins, and brush it a little to wear it the next morning.
  5. Finished.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    Is it mandatory to wear a silk scarf, or will any other scarf be okay?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    It is recommended to use a silk or satin scarf so as to prevent frizz, but it is not necessary.
  • Question
    Do I have to part my hair?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
  • Question
    I didn't part my hair and it came out perfectly fine. So is it really necessary?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    It's definitely possible to do it without parted hair, but parting your hair gives the look clean and sharp edges or curves which makes it look like it has been done at a salon even if it has not.
Unanswered Questions
  • Should I add a scarf or can I just leave it without the scarf?
  • Can this method be used to straighten wavy hair?
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