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How to Do a 360 on Skis

Two Methods:

If you've been skiing for a while and want to mix up your style, consider learning a few basic tricks. Doing a 360, or a complete rotation, is one of the most fun and impressive skiing tricks. If you're already at intermediate skiing level, practice sliding 360s on the ground before attempting it during a park jump. Just remember, practice will make this trick easier and more stylish.


Doing a Grounded 360

  1. Start generating a little speed.You should be skiing at a bit of a slope to help get you moving.
    • Start in flatter and easier slopes. This will give you enough speed so that you can turn without stopping, which can make you lose your balance.
  2. Crouch slightly and spring up while turning your body.Use your head, arms, and shoulders to rotate. While turning, make sure that the skis are completely flat, so that the entire surface area of the ski is touching the snow. This will not only stabilize your balance, but it will also lessen the chances of you falling.
    • Your arms and shoulder create a lot of the spin, so really focus on using them to help you spin.
    • Your skis should be parallel to each other throughout your turn. Keep your legs shoulder-width apart.
  3. Look up and over your shoulder throughout the turn.Keep looking over your shoulder until you've returned to your starting point.
    • Avoid looking down at the ground. This can throw off your balance and contribute to a fall.
  4. Continue skiing down the slope.Your skis should stay on the ground through the entire rotation. Continue practicing as you ski down.
    • Gradually add pops, or tiny jumps, during your grounded 360s. This will be good practice for eventually doing an aerial 360.

Doing an Aerial 360

  1. Find a park jump.The park jump, or ski ramp, shouldn't be enormous when you're starting to learn 360s. Try to find one that few people are using, since you'll need to be aware of other skiers when jumping.
  2. Prepare for a straight takeoff.Your legs should be a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Balance your weight on your toes and keep your skis parallel. Lean forward with your whole body.
  3. Wind up for the jump.You should squat and twist your arms down to the side and back in the opposite direction you intend to spin.
    • The windup is important since it creates a spring action. This is what allows your body to twist in mid-air.
  4. Jump and spin.Wait to pop up a bit and turn your skis once you're in the air. Then twist your upper body in the direction you want to spin the 360.
    • The harder you twist, the faster you'll spin.
  5. Focus on your landing spot.At first, turn your head over your shoulder looking in the direction you are spinning. Keep your head fixed while you spin and as you release, look at where you'll land.
  6. Release the spin.Once you come around, pull your arms out and away from your body to slow down your spin.
  7. Be flexible when you land.Shift your weight forward and avoid tensing your muscles into a locked position. Remember to relax so you can absorb the landing with your hips, knees, and ankles.
    • Try leaning forward and bending your knees slightly to soften the landing.
  8. Ski away.If you are intending to stop, stop at the side where you are out of the way of others. If you are intending to spin another 360, repeat these steps.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    What is a 360 on skis?
    Everett Watterson
    Community Answer
    It is when you spin around 360 degrees while moving on skis without falling down.
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  • Try not to pop up into the jump and twist too early. If you do this while you're still on the park jump, you may catch the edge of the lip with your skis.
  • The windup is important, so you may want to practice twisting and popping out of it. You can do this by just twisting and jumping from the ground.


  • Look out for people who get too close and follow you off the jump. If that happens, pull off to the side and let them go. Then just hike the jump again.
  • If you want to use snow blades instead of skis, follow directions specifically tailored for snow blades.

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